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Celebrating 20 Years


Site video / Photography

We utilize professional video and still cameras to capture real-world footage for your case. The digital archiving of evidence is a valuable discovery and presentation tool.

Digital Editing of Exhibits

Our digital conversion computers employ the latest compression technologies to ensure clear audio and optimized video playback.

Production / Conversion

Does your case have video overload? Let us edit down your video into concise pieces to support your message. Having trouble getting a video to play? Let us optimize and convert that video so it works flawlessly every time.

Syncing and Encoding

Syncing enables your video to be searched by keywords and page/line designations within trial presentation software. We offer text-to-video syncing - merging your deposition transcript to your deposition video file.

Mock Trials

We partner with independent trial consultants to conduct research projects for thousands of dollars less than huge conglomerated consulting companies.